Mold Testing


Mold intrusion is often obvious, especially with older homes in extremely wet climates or, say,
month old sourdough. In other instances, however, particles are invisible to the naked eye and
the source is not discernible outright. With a few simple air samples, you can rest assured that
your home is in a healthy state upon move-in.

Lab Tested

All air samples (taken during the course of a routine inspection) are sent off to a reputable
laboratory where they are analyzed and a written report on the findings is then sent over to us, and from us to you. Samples are procured from various parts of the home, including a control sample of outside air.

Bill Nye would be proud.


With mold, the impetus is typically water intrusion or a lack of ventilation in a particular space.
At Frame Story, we get to the bottom of a given issue so that it doesn’t hydra itself back into
being. For instance, if mold is present in a basement, cleansing the space via a scratch service
might only solve the problem temporarily. Rather, we want to direct your gaze toward the
source of moisture that is causing the unwanted growth, whether that’s a poorly graded lot, a
plumbing leak or a sump pump that has fizzled out. Sure, a busted taillight can be replaced,
but if new bulbs continue to short due to an electrical issue, the best course of action is to
diagnose the root cause and fix it first.


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