Why Get an Inspection?

Too much to do, too little time.

Especially when taking on something as gargantuan as purchasing a home, it behooves the buyer to lean on those with an understanding of things they simply don’t have the time to master. After all, software engineers gotta software engineer and nurse practitioners gotta nurse practition!

Ok, we made that last phrase up.

Imagine moving into your newly acquired abode only to find the roof is wearing out and there’s a plumbing leak in the crawlspace. Even if minor issues at present, both can sharpen over time to become painful thorns in the side. Cue the ‘Master Mind Principle’, the chief framework within which Frame Story operates. The idea, simply put, is that one can focus on what they know intrinsically whilst leaning on experts to provide intel on unfamiliar subjects in order to achieve a shared goal.

Specified insight is indeed preferable to a general knowledge of several subjects.

Frame Story hones in on two distinct areas: houses and swimming pools. Our other two services, radon and mold tests, are physically carried out by the inspector but the results are sub-contracted to machine and/or laboratory. This allows us to focus on you and communicate the essential findings within your future home. Part of this process involves a post-inspection overview highlighting the most pressing issues, which buyers are highly encouraged to attend.

Data Digging

We accomplish the task of providing you with the best intel by utilizing the best tools, of course. These include and are not limited to:

Suffice it to say, with Frame Story… you won’t miss a thing.

Tailored to You

Not able to make the typical inspection time? Understandable, you’re working to acquire this dream house, after all. Simply request a time outside ‘operating hours’ and we’ll make it work for you.