Pool Inspection

Like a luxury car, swimming pools are finicky if not properly maintained. Water chemistry, functionality of mechanical equipment, leak detection and overall water health are just a few of the factors we analyze in order to give you a hearty thumbs up for happy swimming.

Healthy H2O

Refreshing your water every seven to ten years is a great way to prolong the health and durability of the pool shell as well as mechanical components such as pumps and filters. It’s also optimal in the most personal sense for skin and the respiratory system as a whole. Whether it is a fresh or saltwater pool you’ll be diving into on the regular, we’ll measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) and give you an estimate as to timing your next drain/refill. If the pool has a liner, timing fresh water with a fresh liner is key to saving money.

Beach Cred

Having seven+ years of experience in the pool business, from significant repairs to general cleaning and maintenance, the team at Frame Story is well equipped to fully diagnose the state of your backyard oasis. A detailed report will be in your inbox same day.

Blow up the floats, fire up the grill and crack open a lager… or two!

Dive Deep

Add this service to your home inspection or as a standalone to ensure your pool is running aqua smooth.