House Inspection

Understanding your home is paramount to a joyful day to day life within it. Our thorough inspection process, from roof to attic to interior to crawlspace is a harbinger of such joy. Whether an HVAC system is early in its service life or– like a mechanical Thelma and Louise– sputtering toward its inevitable demise, having the knowledge as to all pertinent factors informs you as the buyer what negotiating power you possess.

Bird’s Eye

Towards the end of a typical inspection, clients are encouraged to attend a brief overview, wherein the standout issues discovered in the home are addressed. While houses will always have minor hiccups here and there– sometimes here, there and everywhere—, honing in on what has the most potential to be problematic out the gate provides you with a stalwart playbook.

In Writing.

Same Day.

A detailed report of your home via the most advanced — and easy to process— inspection software will be in your inbox day of inspection, often before the inspector pulls out of the driveway. This enables you as the buyer to shrewdly & quickly maneuver the escrow process through closing with total peace of mind.