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You’ll love the home you know

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A home is akin to a remarkable story

Comprised of unique characters and plot points, going through the prototypical three-act structure…

What We Offer

A tried and true, cinder blocks to shingles inspection plus options for analysis of the more nuanced elements of a home.

Frame Story's Three Act Compass

Act I – Introduction: A new world within which we discover what systems are present in the home.

Act II – Analysis: How optimally do these systems operate?

Act III – Decision: Which systems will last for the long haul and which ones need an overhaul?


Frame Story's promptness and attention to detail left me stunned... in the best way. That unfortunate adage "good help is hard to come by" simply doesn't apply here. Can't recommend them enough!

Summer L.


The digital report we received was simple to peruse and even easier as a live document to forward repairs we wanted done to the seller before closing. Highest of marks all around.

William B.

Fitness Guru

Patrick was the hero I needed when buying my starter home. He caught a small roof leak that, if unnoticed, could have been detrimental a few months into moving in. Rock star without a guitar! Thank you!

Margot R.